Activity Report Conference In English JSNDI Student

日本非破壊検査学会 東北支部 第8回 支部会・講演会


 The 8th JSNDI (Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection, 日本非破坏検査学会) branch meeting in Tohoku area was held on April 16th 2021. This conference gathered vary latest research achievements with respect to Nondestructive Inspection & Evaluation technologies against various types of failure in different industries from universities and companies.

 Conference content contains the development of Nondestructive Inspection Technologies and numerical analysis methods. Nondestructive Inspection through ultrasonic, radiation and some electromagnetic induction skills were introduced.

 For us, it’s a new start and very challenge. I really enjoyed that feel to have this stage for presentation. The further direction of Nondestructive Inspection study is more clearer.

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