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Matsushima Trip


First of all, thanks to Mr. Iwanaga and Ms. Magda That provide me with great experiences around Matsushima. First, we met at Sendai station then we went to Marine Gate Shiogama and took a ferry boat to Matsushima along the way there are many amazing natural and man-made structures.

The first place that we visited after arriving at Matsushima was the Godaido of Zuiganji Temple that is an old temple on the island built in 1604.

Second place is Fukuurabashi Bridge and Fukuurajima Island, which have stunning scenes and beautiful natures.

Next, we visit the Buddhist temple which has plenty of statues and historical landmarks.

After that, we got hungry, so we went to Dantena BBQ Matsu which is well known for grilling oysters. Me and Ms. Magda Order an oyster set but Iwanaga san had a grilled oyster buffet. The food tastes so good we are all very full.

Once everyone full we walk around a bit and visit Kanrantei Tea House for a museum and stunning view.

At the end of the day, we take a train back to the Sendai station. Thank you again to Mr. Iwanaga and Ms. Magda for this great one-day trip, this is an unforgettable experience and it means a lot to me!

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