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2020年早くも1割くらい過ぎたところで素晴らしいニュースが参りました。ポルトガルのリスボン大学ISTとの共同研究成果をまとめた論文”Quantitative evaluation of the delamination length in mechanical lap joints of high‑temperature superconducting tapes using Lamb waves (ラム波を用いた高温超伝導テープ機械的ラップ接合部剥離部長さの定量的評価)”がMeasurement誌にアクセプトです。





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Author: Bo Feng, Weixi Chen, Satoshi Ito, Noritaka Yusa, Hidetoshi Hashizume, Artur L. Ribeiro, Helena G. Ramos

Title: Quantitative evaluation of the delamination length in mechanical lap joints of high‑temperature superconducting tapes using Lamb waves

Abstract: A mechanical lap joint is a critical part connecting rare-earth barium copper oxide (REBCO) tapes. Until now, the delamination in the joint region, which causes severe heating, has not been efficiently detected and evaluated at room temperature. This paper presents a nondestructive testing method using Lamb waves to evaluate delamination in the lap joint. The dispersion curves of Lamb waves in REBCO tapes and joints are calculated, and their characteristics indicate that the reflected wave produces consistent results for a broadband of frequencies, whereas the transmitted wave only produces good results in a specific range. Then, finite element simulations are performed and the results show that, for the same delamination, the change in arrival time of the reflected wave is larger than the transmitted wave. However, the reflected wave only responds to a delamination on the same side where the excitation is applied. Therefore, in the experimental tests, an ultrasonic probe is placed on both sides of the joints to make tests. The delamination lengths in three samples are determined from the arrival time of the reflected wave and the group velocity, and they are consistent with the results obtained by X-ray microtomography with a maximum difference of 2.0 mm.

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