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本論文の題目は「 Experimental verification of a TE01 mode converter to locate a crack in a metal pipe (金属管内の亀裂探知のためのTE01モード変換器の実験的検証)」です。 配管内のきずを見つけるために特定のモードのマイクロ波を入射できるプローブ(モード変換器)を数値シミュレーションを利用して設計、そして実験的に検証したものです。配管に挿し込むケーブル(アンテナのようなもの)の位置や角度をうまく決めることで、従来のTE01モード変換器では困難だったマイクロ波の伝わる向きを制御できるようになった(きず位置を特定しやすくなった)、というのが本研究の成果です。


Author: Takuya Katagiri, Guanren Chen, Noritaka Yusa, Hidetoshi Hashizume

Title: Experimental verification of a TE01 mode converter to locate a crack in a metal pipe

Abstract: In this study, a TE01 mode converter was developed to locate an axial crack on the inner surface of a metal pipe. Three-dimensional finite element simulation was conducted to evaluate the effect of inserted coaxial cables on the transmission characteristic of the mode converter. The result showed that the energy of TE mode microwaves leaned to transmit to one side when the cables penetrated with inclination. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the mode converter, experimental verification was conducted. The mode converter was fabricated based on the simulation result. Microwaves were emitted through the pipe wall of the converter to propagate on both sides (‘right side’ and ‘left side’) of a pipe with an artificial slit. Compared with the signals from each side, the reflection from the slit on the right side was more significant than that on the left side. This result is consistent with the numerical simulation result.

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