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Title: Design of A Simple Side-incident TE11 Mode Microwave Probe for Nondestructive Pipe Inspection (配管の非破壊検査のための単純形状側面入射TE11モードマイクロ波プローブの開発)

Abstract: This study proposed a simple side-incident TE11 mode microwave probe for the rapid and long-range inspection of cracks in metallic pipes. The probe feeds the microwaves to a metallic pipe, which works as a waveguide; the reflection signal provoked by a defect is measured for detection and localization. The probe enables the detection of both circumferentially and axially oriented cracks, unlike those reported in earlier studies. To achieve better performance, numerical simulations were conducted to evaluate the conversion efficiency and optimize the insertion length of the coaxial cable and the exposed length of the cable core wire. The simulation results suggest that the optimized probe configuration is feasible for pipes with various diameters by proportionally changing the current probe configuration. Although injected microwaves propagated in two directions, the ratio of microwaves to one direction could be controlled by adjusting the inclination angle and the exposed length of the cable core wire. Subsequently, three TE11 probes fabricated according to the simulation results were used to detect circumferential and axial slits in a brass pipe. The results showed that circumferential slits in the vertical positions (parallel to the nontilted coaxial cable) and axial slits in the horizontal positions (perpendicular to the nontilted coaxial cable) caused large reflections, consistent with the electromagnetic field distribution of the TE11 mode microwaves in a circular waveguide. Further experiments verified the feasibility of the designed probe for pipes with different diameters and for directional pipe inspection.

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