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Breakfast Party


We had an Iranian breakfast party today and this is a short report about it written by me, Mohammadjavad Faridafshin.

We made a simple Iranian food called "Adasi" (you can find more information in this link). I had presumed the whole cooking will take around 90 minutes, so me, Kako san, and Fujita san started as early as 8 in the morning.

We started by making the sauce with fried chopped onions and tomatoes. Then the potatoes and lantils - or as we call it "adas" in persian - were added and then, all we had to do was to wait for almost 1 hour until everything cook together.

We ate so much that we all felt sleepy after the breakfast. However, although it was a breakfast party, the amount of food was large enough that we could also have it for lunch.

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