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After attending the ENDE 2019 in Chengdu and ISEM 2019 in Nanjing, I, Mr. Song and Mr. Katagiri visited Xi’an jiaotong University for one week (I stayed in Xi’an for 3 weeks).

Mr. Katagiri and I departed from Nanjing first, while the trip is not as smoothly as we expected: we firstly missed our flight, and there was no flight to Xi’an on that day. On our way to high speed railway station, Mr. katagiri and I failed to take the same subway. When we finally arrived in the station and regrouped, we found that the queue for taking the ticket was very long. When we got the station hall, it was only 20 minutes before the departure. By the way, that train was the last one of that day, meaning that if we miss it again, we would lose our final chance to go to Xi’an on that day. But anyway, we managed to reach our destination Xi’an, at midnight.

Fig. 1. Xi’an railway station during daytime (actually we arrived in Xi’an North station)

On next day (Sep. 19th), we went to the State Key Laboratory for Strength and Vibration of Mechanical Structures, School of Aerospace Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University (abbreviated as XJTU hereafter). On behalf of Prof. Zhenmao Chen, who was in Japan by that time, Prof. Yong Li, Prof. Shejuan Xie, Prof. Cuixiang Pei and Dr. Hongen Chen welcomed us with great hospitality. The students also arranged one room for our stay, and a small campus tour.

Fig. 2. Xi’an Jiaotong University north gate (top), and Mr. Katagiri on campus (bottom)

We also attended academic report in their laboratory, which was given in English as usual time. All students briefly introduced their studies, and two doctoral students presented their works. In the meantime, Mr. Song, I and Mr. katagiri also presented our research, and we communicated in deep with the students and professors. After that Mr. Zongfei Tong introduced their experimental apparatus in the laboratory.

Fig.3 Dr. Manru He (top) and Mr. Haicheng Song (bottom) presenting their works in the academic report

We also got involved in some detailed research project there. Mr. Song communicated with Prof. Pei regarding the probability of detection (POD) study. Mr. Katagiri mainly discussed with Ms. Wenjia Li about the study on metal plate inspection using K-band microwaves, including the simulation model and method. I performed some experimental evaluation together with Ms. Jinhua Hu, on glass-fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) plate inspection utilizing an open-ended rectangular waveguide. Besides, I also participated in the experiment of guided-wave for pipe inspection with Mr. Tianhao Liu, as displayed in Fig. 5.

Fig. 4 Experimental setup of GFRP plate inspection utilizing microwave NDT
Fig. 5. Guided-wave experiment with Mr. Tianhao Liu (left)

During our stay, I mainly accompanied with my family as I’m a local there and haven’t met them for two years. On the other hand, Mr. Song and Mr. Katagiri went sightseeing and visited a lot of places, such as the Bell Tower, Terra-Cotta Warriors, the ancient city walls and so on. The photos they took during were exhibited as below.

terracotta warriors
Mr. Katagiri imitating terracotta warriors
City wall
'Guards' at the city wall
Cycle upon the city wall
Shaanxi foods

Mr. Song and Mr. Katagiri went back to Japan on October 25th. I left Xi’an on October 8th, transited in Shanghai, and arrived in Sendai on the next day.

Fig. Last. Goodbye my tasty Chinese foods, and see you again in ICMST 2020

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