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Welcome Party for Mr. Mahesh Raja2019



Today, we hold a welcome party for Mr. Mahesh Raja from India. He will join our laboratory from this month as a research student, and will enroll as a PhD student after he pass the entrance exam in March, 2020.

Mr. Mahesh Raja

Mr. Mahesh Raja is a very strict vegetarian who don’t eat any kinds of meat except egg (chicken, pork, beef, fish and so on) and prepared Indian rice, sauce together with snack (without any meat) for the party. Unfortunately, most of our lab members like eating meat including me. Therefore, I prepared some meat for other guys who join this party.

Mr. Mahesh Raja is making a self introduction

It is our first time to know that 'Mahesh' and 'Raja' together is the name of Mr. Mahesh Raja but not the family name. It seems strange but we are getting used to it soon.

Mr. Mahesh Raja is introducing the Indian food he made
Real ‘hand’ made Indian rice taste spicy but delicious.
This Indian snack also tastes strange as the first impression but delicious.

Good news for Mr. Mahesh Raja is that our restaurant has a special curry made by only vegetables for vegetarian.

Vegetarian curry in our restaurant

We hope Mr. Mahesh Raja will enjoy his stay in Japan and will also pass the entrance exam in March, 2020.

Author:Pan Pengcheng

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