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Visit to Lisbon University@Lisbon, Portugal



After the final defense for my Master's degree, I traveled Spain and Portugal to reward myself for the two-year tough life. Lisbon is a must-go city when traveling Portugal, and it's a good opportunity to visit Prof. Ramos and Prof. Ribeiro's laboratory.

Before meeting with two professors, I visited the Pena Palace. As you can see from the following picture, it's a gorgeous castle with colorful appearance.

Another famous place is the Cape Roca that is the westernmost end of the continental Europe. There is a sentence, Onde a terra acaba e o mar começa, stating that the land stops at the place where the sea begins.

The next day I visited the Instituoto Superior Tecnico of Lisbon Univeristy and had a nice conversation with two professors. Also, their students introduced their research to me and exchanged some ideas with me.

Prof. Ramos and Prof. Ribeiro also hospitably arranged a tour for me and drive me to a coast where I cannot reach without automobile. Both the magnificent views and delicious food left a deep impression to me.

Thanks to the treat of two professors and Dr. Feng, a post-doctor in Prof. Ramos's laboratory, I had a great time in Lisbon. If possible, I definitely would like to go to Lisbon again!

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