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Farewell party for Professor Yong Li and Mr. Liu from XJTU


Professor Li and Mr. Liu from XJTU were visiting our lab for two weeks, following a previous visit by several of our members this summer. Their visit lasted for two weeks, and we decided to make Imoni (芋煮) for luch as a small farewell party for them. The original party was to have this party by the river (like the one we had last year), where is it traditionally held, but because the time was so limited, we did it in the lab.

The party started with a short speech from professor Yusa and professor Li.

As can be seen in the images, we had also prepared french fries, a very special fried muchroom, and air-frier-made Gobo (burdock) chips.
The Imoni tastes very nice despite having a not so difficult recipe. I think our visitors like the taste too, because Prof. Li asked about the recipe and whether he can take some with himself to China or not.

Because the time was limited, and they were supposed to leave Sendai for Tokyo, the party ended in less than two hours. Professor Yusa and professor Li have many similar research interests, therefore, collaboartion between the two laboratories is supposed to continue.

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