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D1冨澤君の論文がNondestructive Testing and Diagnostics誌に受理されました。

Authors: Takuma Tomizawa, Haicheng Song, Noritaka Yusa, Hideki Yuya

Title: Probability of detection model based on hit/miss data considering multiple signal features and multiple flaw parameters from eddy current testing suffering low signal to noise ratio

Abstract: This study developed a probabilistic method based on hit/miss analysis to evaluate the detection capability of eddy current testing (ECT) under low signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio, taking into consideration multiple signal features and multiple flaw parameters. Realistic corrosion pits on stainless steel clads were prepared and eddy current inspection was conducted to gather flaw signal and noise. The proposed method was applied to the experimental data. Hit/miss of flaw signals were judged by the threshold using multiple signal features. The Hit/miss results were fitted to the selected function of probability of detection (POD) based on extended information criteria. The POD’s 95% upper confidence bounds were generated by bootstrap method. Experimental results, generated POD contours, and 95% upper confidence bounds indicate that the proposed method allows for reasonable evaluation of the detection capability.

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