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またも論文受理通知です。昨年Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation誌にExperimental investigation on bend-region crack detection using TE11 mode microwaves (TE11モードのマイクロ波を用いた配管曲がり部の割れの検出)とのタイトルで投稿した論文が受理されました。


Author: Guanren Chen, Takuya Katagiri, Noritaka Yusa, Hidetoshi Hashizume

Title: Experimental investigation on bend-region crack detection using TE11 mode microwaves

Abstract: This study experimentally investigates the efficacy of TE11 mode microwaves in detecting bend-region cracks. Three types of bends with different dimensions were deployed in a 3 m piping system and then tested, with an axial or circumferential slit machined at different angular positions to simulate a crack. The TE11 mode microwaves were excited using self-designed TE11 mode microwave probes and utilized for crack detection. The experimental results show clear reflection peaks at the bend position, demonstrating the feasibility of applying TE11 mode microwaves in the detection of bend-region cracks. Furthermore, the peak location of reflection is in accordance with the angular position of the slit. The findings also indicate that the peak amplitude of reflection is affected by the factors of mode conversion of microwaves at a bend. In addition, the experimental results also manifest an excellent signal-to-noise ratio to both two types of slits, suggesting that the microwave NDT is a powerful tool for bend-region inspection.

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