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Trip to Matsushima with Dr. Siritorn



In order to let Dr. Siritorn enjoy her stay in Sendai, we decided to arrange a short trip for her. Matsushima, as the most famous place around Sendai, became the first option for this trip. Unfortunately, it was rainy on that day, but the trip turned out to be great.

We chose to take a cruising ferry to see the small islands far from the shore. The rain gave us a different view of the islands which are shrouded by the mist, making them look like a wonderland.

Picture taken on the ferry (1)
Picture taken on the ferry (2)
Picture taken on the ferry (3)

After cruise, we found a tea shop with open seats, enabling us to taste Matcha and rice cake while enjoying the view of Matsushima.

Matcha and rice cake
Selfie of Dr. Siritorn in the tea shop

November is the season when leaves turn to red, so we went to Entsuin Temple afterwards to appreciate the colorful leaves. After being washed by the rain, the colors became more vivid and attractive than usual.

A corner in Entsuin Temple

On the way back to Sendai, we visited the Kirin Beer Factory and tasted three different types of beer, and Dr. Siritorn said this factory visit is beyond her expectation.

Finally, I led her to a very famous restaurant to try the popular local food in Sendai, which, of course, is beef tongue.

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