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A Memorable Visit to Xi'an Jiaotong University


Thanks to the opportunity given by our professor, we could visit Xi 'an Jiaotong University this year. Four of our members, Takuma TOMIZAWA (D3), Fanwei YU (D2), Kantaro IKEDA (M2), Shuya FUJITA (M1) have visited the Prof. Li‘s laboratory and presented their recent study there.

Fig. Xi‘an Jiaotong University
Fig. Presentations given by Dr. Yijun Guo (Left Top), Mr. Takuma TOMIZAWA
(Right Top) , Mr. Fanwei YU (Left bottom) and Mr. Shuya FUJITA
(Right bottom)

The campus called IHarbor, we are surprised by its vast expanse and imposing buildings. Personally, I found the cuisine in Xi'an to be a tad salty for my taste. Surprisingly, Sichuan cuisine was prevalent even in Xi'an, making it easily accessible. One dish that left a lasting impression was the spicy crayfish. It marked my first encounter with the original taste of crayfish, though I acknowledge that the spiciness may have been a bit much for some of our team members. Nonetheless, it was a novel culinary experience for us. The Xi’an alcohol is also delicious and easy to drink. A special highlight was celebrating Mr. Fujita’s birthday during our visit. The joyous moments continued to unfold.

Fig. Crayfish, Hot pot, Xi’an alcohol, and FUJITA's birthday.
Fig. Photos tooked in front of the city wall and the terra cotta warrior museum.
Fig. The city wall and the terra cotta warriors.
Fig. The terra cotta warrior ice cream.

Beyond the academic exchange, the overall experience in Xi'an was unforgettable. Xi'an's ancient city wall and terra cotta warriors stand as a testament to the city's rich history. Prof. Li hired a Japanese guide for us, many thanks to Prof. Li for taking such thoughtful care of us.

Fanwei YU (DC2)

-Activity Report, Student

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