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Mr. Faridafshin来日!!



 Hello, this is Fujita. I'm going to tell you about the joining a new member in our laboratory and coffee break with him.

 加入したのは Mohammadjavad Faridafshin さん。昨年度の4月に入学し研究室に籍はあったものの、コロナ禍による入国制限により先日まで来日できずにいました。しかし、状況が変わり入国制限が緩和され、先のゴールデンウィーク中に来日し、本日初めて顔を合わせることができました。喜ばしいことです。

 The new comer is Mr. Mohammadjavad Faridafshin. He had already entered our university and our laboratory in last April, but he hadn't been able to come to Japan because of COVID-19. However, the changes in the situation made foreign students able to come to Japan and he come to Japan finally in last Golden Week. It's great thing.

Nice smile


 He gave us souvenir of his country's sweets in coffee break after lunch. They were steets with spices such as cinnamon, rare for us and very delicious.

Souvenier from him.
It's very good.
Coffee Break


 We are looking foward to talking with him about his country, Japan, and so on.

 最後に Faridafshin さんからのコメントを紹介して筆を擱こうと思います。

 Finally, I'd like to introduce a comment from Mr. Faridafshin.

文責 B4 藤田

A comment from Mr. Faridafshin.

  I tend to experience the Japanese style of life. There are not so many jungles in my country, so it is very interesting for me to see so many jungles and trees in Sendai. I love to try Japanese food, specially the foods that have rice in them because rice is a very popular food in my country too.

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