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NDE Workshop2024@Tohoku University



The NDT Workshop was held at Tohoku University (Katahira Campus) on June 3, 2024. The workshop was hosted by Benjamin Ducharne. This article is a short report by Yoshioka. This workshop consisted of three sessions: Ultrasound session, NDT & IA session, and ECT/Magnetic session. The program ran from 9am to 6pm. Professor Yusa and I gave presentations in the NDT & IA session.

This was my first presentation since taking up my post. The content of the presentation was an explanation of the research I had conducted up until now. I felt anxious about how to proceed with my research from now on. It was a great opportunity.

(I wanted to take a photo of Professor Yusa's presentation, but I was so engrossed in listening to his presentation. I'm sorry...)

Yoshioka (Assistant professor)

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