Activity Report In English Internship Student

Internship at NIMS@Tsukuba


I obtained a change to take the internship program of National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) to experience the research activities being a researcher of an institute and the life in Tsukuba. And this internship lasted two months.

With the instructions from Dr. Dongfeng He, the host supervisor at NIMS, I performed researches related to the detection of tiny subsurface flaws in ferromagnetic steels using eddy current testing. This helps me to gain a deeper understanding about eddy current testing and its experimental apparatus.

Gate of NIMS

In addition, I enjoyed the life in Tsukuba. There are many research institutes besides NIMS located in this city, therefore, it is also named by Tsukuba Science City. And what impresses me is that parks are everywhere in Tsukuba which provides me a good place to do some running or relax myself.

Rocket model in Tsukuba Central Park

This internship leaves me good memory and I hope we can keep contact and continue the cooperation with Dr. He.

Author: Song

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