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Visit to Xi'an Jiaotong University@Xi'an, China


Thanks to Prof. Yusa’s help and permission of Prof. Zhenmao Chen in Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), I got the opportunity to have a visit to XJTU for about 10 days. Actually, XJTU was one of my targets when I was an undergraduate student. I really cherish this chance to study there to achieve my previous target in this special way.

Prof. Chen kindly gave me a warm welcome and assigned a room to me on my first day there. Mr. Wei GUO helped me deal with issues there and introduced his experiments to me. With his instruction, I carried out experiments to evaluate thermal barrier coating thickness and detect cracking on pipe wall. In addition, Dr. Yong Li, whose research is related microwave NDT, also talked with me and gave some valuable suggestions on my future study. I hope we can have further cooperation in the future. Ms Shuting Ren introduced her experiments using pulsed eddy current to me.

Xi'an Jiaotong University
Prof. Chen's Laboratory

During my free time, I also visited Xi’an, a city famous for its history and culture. I was impressed by the beautiful night scene of “大唐不夜城 (Da Tang Bu Ye Cheng)”. Besides, I enjoyed various kinds of delicious food in “永兴坊 (Yong Xing Fang)”, which is a square with oceans of stalls. In addition, I also visited Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the last night in China since the flight to Tokyo is from Shanghai.

Yong Xing Fang
Da Tang Bu Ye Cheng

I had a nice experience there and treasure for the friendship with people there. I hope we can keep our relationship forever.

Author: Guo

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