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Highlights of the 1st Alumni & Students Off-line Sendai Tour!

On Friday, June 30, 2023, the Global Engagement Division organized a tour of Sendai and Tohoku University campuses with the purpose of strengthening relations between international alumni and Tohoku University. The event took place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and provided an opportunity for two alumni from Sweden and Malaysia and a current international student from Taiwan to visit places that hold fond memories of their experience at the university.

>>Click here for details

Highlights of the first “Alumni Online Campus Virtual Tour” event

On Friday, June 16, the Global Engagement Division hosted its first-ever “Alumni Online Campus Virtual Tour” event.
The event was held with the purpose of enjoying the campus of Tohoku University and Sendai city in real-time, sharing memories from our study abroad days, and strengthening the bonds among alumni.>>Click here for details

Alumni Stories:  Erick Mas Samanez from Lima, Peru/working in Japan

My main research interest was tsunami-related engineering. After contacting several experts in disaster research, all of them suggested that the Tsunami Engineering Laboratory at Tohoku University would be the most suitable to learn about tsunami science.>>Click here for details



Alumni Stories:  Gracie Burdeos from Philippines/working in Germany

My name is Gracie Burdeos, and I come from the Philippines. As long as I can remember, it was always my dream to become a scientist. Back in the Philippines, I was a humble high school teacher teaching biology for a couple of years. Even though I was teaching, my passion for science was still kicking in me…>>Click here for details


Alumni Stories: Dr. David N. Nguyen from Hawaii

When I applied for the MEXT scholarship, I had to list three schools I was interested in. Tohoku University was one of my choices as I specialized in disaster management and the Tohoku region was affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Thus, it made sense to go to a university that had an acclaimed institute on disaster research. Tohoku University was actually the third Japanese university I had studied at. The first time was at Waseda University in Tokyo when I was an undergraduate exchange student, and the second time was at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, which was part of an internship. >>Click here for details

Highlights of the Second Gather Event

This year’s second alumni networking event held on Gather, an online video-conferencing platform, took place on May 19.

In the first half of the event, Kyung Hee University’s Prof. Joong Hon Ryu, chairperson of the Tohoku University Alumni Association in Korea, and another fellow alumnus, Prof. Jae Young Park, delighted participants with passionate retellings of their memories as students at Tohoku University. >>Click here for details

Unlocking Opportunities: Webinar Motivating Indonesian Students to Embark on their Journey at Tohoku University

On April 29 and 30, the Indonesian Student Association in Sendai (PPIS) and Tohoku University Indonesia Alumni Association (IATU) collaborated with the Global Learning Center held a webinar event for Indonesian students who interested in continuing their studies at Tohoku University. The webinar, created to introduce Tohoku University to the younger generation of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in Indonesia, was first held last year to great success. >>Click here for details

Highlights of the First Gather Event

On April 28th, the Global Engagement Division conducted its first online free space event on the Gather platform, featuring Dr. Ramsey Lundock from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ). Dr. Lundock, who is also an alumnus of Tohoku University, introduced the Sandcastle TRPG (Table-talk Role Playing Game) and invited alumni participants to play the game virtually.  >>Click here for details

The ‘Tohoku University Exchange Month’ was held to create new possibilities for exchange between current international students and alumni

The ‘Tohoku University Exchange Month’ was held in late 2022 to promote exchanges between overseas alumni and current international students as part of the celebrations for the 115th anniversary of the university’s founding and the 100th anniversary of its becoming a comprehensive university, with the overall aim of strengthening Tohoku University’s global network.

Eleven groups of students organized their own exchange activities between December 1 and December 28. Some of the groups were made up of students from the same nation or region, some were of alumni from the same program, and some were of current international students with either alumni or employees of Tohoku University. A portion of the expenses for these activities was subsidized by the Tohoku University ‘Shuyukai‘ Alumni Association, which oversees all of the alumni association chapters. >>Click here for details

A Ceremony for the Tohoku University International Awards and International Alumni Association Awards is held

A ceremony for the Tohoku University International Awards and International Alumni Association Awards was held on December 7 at Aobayama Commons on the Aobayama Campus’ New Extension. Four recipients of the Tohoku University International Award and representatives of the winners of the International Alumni Association Awards were in attendance. The winners’ family members, as well as faculty members and students, were present to watch Tohoku University President Hideo Ohno present the winners with their certificates. >>Click here for details

Tohoku University 115th/100th Anniversary Year-End Exchange Month Campaign



Tohoku University 115th/100th Anniversary Year-End Event (HYBRID)


Winner Announcement of Tohoku University International Award and International Alumni Association Award

The winners of the “Tohoku University International Award and International Alumni Award” were announced on Saturday, October 1, at the “Tohoku University 115th and 100th Anniversary Commemorative Festival” held at the Tohoku University Centennial Hall (Kawauchi Hagi Hall).

People who have enhanced Tohoku University’s international presence through their international efforts are recognized with the “Tohoku University International Award.” The “Tohoku University International Alumni Association Award,” on the other hand, is granted to an international alumni association that has a significant activity.

The Executive Committee for the 115th Anniversary of the University’s Founding and the 100th Anniversary as the Comprehensive University conducted a thorough screening process to choose the winners of both categories. >>Click here for details

For further information related to Tohoku University 115th Founding Anniversary and 100th Anniversary as comprehensive University, please access official website below.

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