Unlocking Opportunities: Webinar Motivating Indonesian Students to Embark on their Journey at Tohoku University

On April 29 and 30, the Indonesian Student Association in Sendai (PPIS) and Tohoku University Indonesia Alumni Association (IATU) collaborated with the Global Learning Center held a webinar event for Indonesian students who interested in continuing their studies at Tohoku University. The webinar, created to introduce Tohoku University to the younger generation of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in Indonesia, was first held last year to great success.


Picture 1: Participants of the ‘Let’s Study at Tohoku University’ webinar


Building off of the success of last year’s webinar, this year’s webinar was extended into a two-day event. On the first day, current Indonesian students introduced their own departments in an ‘open campus’ event. Breakout rooms featured more than 17 departments, from Agriculture to Arts and Letters, allowing participants to ask specific questions and explore their academic interests.


Picture 2: Professor Yumiko Watanabe presenting on the financial planning aspect of studying at Tohoku University


Prof. Yumiko Watanabe from the Global Learning Center highlighted various university programs and scholarships for potential international students. Attendees were also able to ask a few questions of Prof. Watanabe. Additionally, Prof. Yusli Wardiatno, who serves as the Education Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, delivered a speech on studying in Japan and the future aspirations of Indonesian youth who face the challenges posed by an increasingly globalized world and tough competition.


Picture 3: Professor Yusli Wardiatno sharing statistical information regarding Indonesian students in Japan.


On the second day, the webinar showcased presentations by recipients of a range of scholarships, such as those provided by MEXT, Japanese local organizations and companies, and the LPDP, scholarship provided by the Indonesian government agency. The participants showed great interest and asked several questions about strategies to help them be successfully chosen for scholarships and about concerns regarding studying in Japan, such as living expenses and social life on and off campus.


Picture 4: Ronald, a recipient of the MEXT Scholarship, providing insights into various pathways for studying in Japan


The webinar was attended by a total of 215 participants over the course of the two days and was seen as a very advantageous opportunity by the young participants who aspire to study at Tohoku University and across Japan. Through this webinar, prospective students were able to connect with current Indonesian students and, by gaining first-hand information, were able to change their apprehensions and uncertainties into feelings of inspiration and motivation to continue pursuing their future academic goals.