Tohoku University’s International Strategy

In July 2018, the International Strategy Office was established as an organization directly under the President. The decision to establish the office was due to strong recognition of the need for more strategic and agile promotion of our international activities and the formation of international networks, which have been carefully cultivated since the university first opened.

In November 2018, our university published Tohoku University Vision 2030, a roadmap for its activities. In order to realize Priority Strategy 17, entitled “International Collaboration ~ Strategic Partnerships for further Excellence”, we formulated Tohoku University’s International Strategy for the purpose of clarifying guidelines and action plans for further internationalization.

Although the current situation for Japanese universities is extremely severe, we must address not only local concerns but also issues facing the entire world. Tohoku University Vision 2030 clearly shows our conviction and determination to be a global university leading cutting-edge innovation.

As a leading comprehensive research university in Japan with a history of more than a century, Tohoku University will be an important bridge connecting Japan to other countries and states, through our involvement in Education, Research, Industry Co-Creation and Community Collaboration. We will tackle future challenges and fulfill our responsibilities as a “University Engaged with Society” in collaboration with various partners around the world. To do so, we must harness the president’s strategic initiative to encourage inventive and imaginative activities by all individuals at the university. Through such endeavors, we will deepen our strategic international collaboration and will proceed with our plans for comprehensive internationalization without delay.

Never before have universities been expected to play such a leading role in the creation and development of innovation. There will be many bumps in the road ahead, but Tohoku University is determined to progress undaunted on a course of globalization, developing knowledge through the implementation of our International Strategy. In this endeavor, we humbly request the cooperation and support of everyone at Tohoku University members and of our many stakeholders.

Director, International Strategy Office
Vice President and Professor

Tohoku University’s International Strategy

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