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Notes on preparing your presentations

2021/01/14   -未分類

General tips Prepare slides "to be seen." Let your audience "see" your slides - not "read" your slides. Your presentation consists of your slides' visual information and your verbal explanation. In other words, your slides should visually illustrate what you cannot verbally explain. Include only what you can explain. You must be able to discuss your presentation's content, which means don't include anything you don't understand. You should not simply copy others' work without comprehending its meaning. Prepare an appropriate ...

Education system in our department

2020/06/06   -Misc_En

Different countries would have different academic systems, and something more specific would depend on university. It would be thus beneficial for prospective international students to explain our education system so that the academic background of most of our students. Undergraduate students enrolled the School of Engineering, Tohoku University, are assigned to one of five majors: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry and bioengineering, material science and engineering, and civil engineering and architecture. The students study general physics and mathematics, as well ...

Notes on joining us as an exchange student

2020/04/30   -Misc_En

We welcome exchange students who are interested in our studies. To make your study fruitful, however, we suggest the following. Please confirm our policies. Each laboratory has its own styles of administration, research guidance, and so on, and it is possible that ours differ from those of your laboratory. We do not insist that our way is perfect or 100% correct; different approaches have different advantages. We request, however, that you confirm our policies to avoid misunderstandings. Please provide a ...


2020/02/09   -Policy_Eng

Below is some information about our laboratory in Q&A style, not so frequently asked actually. Is financial support available? Each student needs to support himself/herself. Scholarships for PhD students may be available; please find more information here and here. Our laboratory would support students to some extent by hiring them as research assistants for our projects, depending on the projects' situation. Working as an assistant should take place outside diploma studies. Is there any special support for international students? Our ...

What we expect students to do

2020/01/26   -Policy_Eng

Below are some of the things we frequently tell students studying in our laboratory. Please do not stay in the laboratory too long. Working hard is important. But what is really important is the quality of work. Our output is not proportional to our time. Some rest and refreshment is necessary for good work. The students are expected not to stay in the laboratory too long. We do not evaluate students based on how long they work. Taking a few ...

Reasons to consider "another" laboratory

2019/11/08   -Policy_Eng

Interested in radiation research We sometimes perform radiographic tests for our studies; however, their purpose is mainly for inspecting materials. If you are interested in research about the development of radiation equipment or radiation itself, our department's Particle-Beam Engineering Laboratory would be a better fit for you. Interested in bio-engineering or chemistry research. Our field differs considerably from bio-engineering or chemistry. Some laboratories in our department study medical physics or chemistry in nuclear engineering; however, it would be better to ...

Electromagnetics I

2019/07/08   -未分類

The Japanese version of this page is for sophomore students taking my lecture in School of Engineering, Tohoku University.


2019/07/08   -未分類

The Japanese version of this page is for sophomore students taking my lecture in School of Engineering, Tohoku University.


2019/05/26   -未分類

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