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Yusa Laboratory


Notes on joining us as an exchange student


We welcome exchange students who are interested in our studies. To make your study fruitful, however, we suggest the following.

Please confirm our policies.

Each laboratory has its own styles of administration, research guidance, and so on, and it is possible that ours differ from those of your laboratory. We do not insist that our way is perfect or 100% correct; different approaches have different advantages. We request, however, that you confirm our policies to avoid misunderstandings.

Please provide a reasonable research purpose and plan with your application.

Prospective students are asked to discuss their study plan in detail with both us and their academic supervisor. It is very important to make a practical plan that considers laboratory resources and study duration. We highly recommend that exchange students plan studies similar to those they have previously conducted or ones that can be extended after returning to their home university/laboratory.

Please gain the knowledge and skills necessary to complete your study in our laboratory

It is reasonable for you to concentrate on studying what you cannot study at your home university/laboratory. A general study, such as the physical background of a technique, and programming using Matlab, therefore should be avoided during your time here. After your research plan is finalized, we will list the knowledge and skills (and their levels) necessary for you here.

Please have made at least one academic presentation at an academic meeting

It is difficult for us to provide specific instruction on academic presentations to exchange students, as time is quite limited. We assume that exchange students coming to our laboratory already have experience in conducting research and properly summarizing results.

Please confirm that you have willingness to communicate with your labmates


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