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Reasons to consider "another" laboratory


Interested in radiation research

We sometimes perform radiographic tests for our studies; however, their purpose is mainly for inspecting materials. If you are interested in research about the development of radiation equipment or radiation itself, our department's Particle-Beam Engineering Laboratory would be a better fit for you.

Interested in bio-engineering or chemistry research.

Our field differs considerably from bio-engineering or chemistry. Some laboratories in our department study medical physics or chemistry in nuclear engineering; however, it would be better to look at other departments, too.

Expecting detailed/specific instruction.

Research is very different from written examinations. The major part of your research work entails trying to solve problems no one has solved so far1. In this sense, providing detailed and/or specific instruction is essentially impossible impossible2. You study how to solve unsolved problems through your research; this is the main reason why graduate students need to perform their research.

Too cautious or a perfectionist.

Our focus is on research. So we cannot predict the results completely. Students are encouraged to simply try. Even though your results may differ from what you expected, you can learn something from your attempts. "Always successful" is impossible.

Too focused on (your) research.

We understand that your research is the focus of your graduate work. This, however, should not be your only goal in our laboratory. We encourage students to help each other. Usually, seniors supervise juniors, while juniors help seniors in their studies3. In addition, graduate students, especially those in PhD courses, are involved in the laboratory administration to some extent. These are not hard and fast rules, simply basic guidance.

Expect output to be proportional to time you spend in our laboratory.

You will need to study many things and experience many trials and errors before you achieve something difficult. It is usual to have little or sometimes no results in the first year of your graduate study.

Allergic to programming.

Please note that even though you perform experiments much more than simulations in our laboratory, you need to write small programs for processing data. You will need programming skills and experiences regardless of your research topic (we mostly use MATLAB.). You need not achieve programming greatness; a not-at-all professional level is OK. But it will difficult for you to study for your diploma in our laboratory if you are unwilling to study programming.

Expect that your diploma assures something.

It is most often true that an advanced academic degree leads to more possibilities and opportunities. However, we believe it is incorrect to assume that your diploma assures your future4. Your study in the laboratory is more like an investment in developing your capabilities. What you do here to attain your diploma is much more important than the diploma itself.

Problems communicating with others5.

We cannot understand you if you do not tell us anything. You should know this if you are married.

Focus on honesty

Honesty is much more important than your capabilities or academic achievements. Being honest means that you keep your word, follow the rules, and you are on time (especially with deadlines). Changes are acceptable as there should be many unexpected matters in reality, but whether you needed to change what you promised earlier should be notified in advance. We cannot work with people who are dishones.

Smokers should not apply

Smoking is strictly prohibited everywhere on our campus.

  1. Actually finding "what to do" is more difficult, but this is not usually imposed on graduate students.
  2. If they are possible, what you are doing is not research but just a simple task.
  3. This is effective for all.
  4. This was probably true in older generations.
  5. especially with those different from you


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