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Education system in our department


Different countries would have different academic systems, and something more specific would depend on university. It would be thus beneficial for prospective international students to explain our education system so that the academic background of most of our students12.

Undergraduate students enrolled the School of Engineering, Tohoku University, are assigned to one of five majors: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry and bioengineering, material science and engineering, and civil engineering and architecture3. The students study general physics and mathematics, as well as liberal arts, when they are freshmen. Students majoring mechanics are requested to choose their course among

  • Mechanical Systems
  • Finemechanics
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Quantum Science and Energy Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Environment and Energy Engineering
  • Mechanical / Biomedical Engineering

around the middle of the sophomore to start their specialized studies. Every year approximately 800 students enroll the School of Engineering, about 230 major mechanics, and about 38 choose our course (Quantum Science and Energy Engineering4).

Students who chose our course take lectures on physics, such as strength of material, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, control engineering, materials science, quantum mechanics, and electromagnetics, necessary for nuclear engineering. Several lectures dedicated to nuclear engineering, such as neutronics, radiation engineering and radiochemistry, are also offered.

The students are requested to choose a laboratory, among the ones belonging to our department, for their bachelor research in the first half of their junior study. Basically the students concentrate to their bachelor research in their final semester. At the end of their undergraduate study, they present their bachelor researches to other students and faculty members in about 15 min.

Almost all of the undergraduate students studying in our course take the examination to enroll our graduate school for their master study (basically 2 years).

  1. as of academic year 2020
  2. The explanations in this page are intentionally simplified. Please visit our official websites for more detail.
  3. These are simplified names. Please confirm the exact ones here.
  4. I understand that this name is confusing. Nuclear Engineering is quite OK, I think.


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