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Today is an incredibly important day for me. Yes, I have officially graduated. I've been eagerly anticipating this day ever since my final defense. It's also the most rewarding outcome of my studies over the past three years. Various factors, including the pandemic and other challenges, have made these past few years feel exceptionally long. Fortunately, I had the privilege of meeting all of you, who have been incredibly friendly and supportive. I'm truly grateful to all of you who have helped me along the way.
I arrived at the Kawauchi Hagi Hall early, took some photos outside, and excitedly waited for the graduation ceremony.

After participating in the university's commencement ceremony, it was time for the graduate school's commencement.

With a heart full of excitement, I received my diploma from the department head. That thin piece of paper truly represents the proof of my hard work over the past three years.

I hope to continue striving and contribute to even better research in the future.

By Yijun GUO

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