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It was an impressive experience for us to attend The 19th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (ENDE2019) which was held in Longemont Hotel in Chengdu.

Six members of our group participated in this academic conference including Dr. Yusa, Dr. Ge, Mr. Katagiri, Mr. Chen, Mr. Tomizawa and me (Song). The following photos witness our attendance.

Mr. Chen
Mr. Katagiri
Mr. Tomizawa
Me (Song)

As the chairman of ENDE2019, Prof. Tian delivered a speech in the welcome party.

Dr. James Avery, a researcher in Imperial College London, was invited to give a talk in ENDE.

The scene of conference venue
Dr. James Avery's speech

The 13th is, in fact, the Mid-autumn festival of China, which is a day for reunion of families to appreciate the full moon while enjoying mooncake. On that day, the considerate committee of ENDE2019 organized a great gala dinner and prepared gifts as well as mooncakes for attendees. Thanks to their efforts, we have spent an unforgettable Mid-autumn festival. During the gala dinner, various performances were staged including an amazing dramatic art as a part of Sichuan opera, named by Bian Lian.

Gifts from the committee
Bian Lian

Mr. Katagiri was awarded with “Best Poster Award” because of his excellent work.

Mr. Katagiri was receiving the award

Chengdu is actually a paradise for foodies, especially for those who love spicy foods. One of the most famous foods in Chengdu is hot pot that usually uses broth base of deep red color, we challenged it and you can tell how spicy it is from the following faces.

Group photo in hot pot shop
SPICY!!! (1)
SPICY!!! (2)

Chengdu is also well known for the tea culture and the people living there prefer to kill time by talking with their friends while drinking tea. Many cozy tea shops spread over this city, we also spend an afternoon like the locals in one of them which is located besides a lake.

Tea shop
The scene of enjoying tea

Another thing attracts millions of tourists to visit Chengdu should be panda. I cannot describe how cute it is.

Baby panda

There were more than 100 participants of ENDE2019 which gave us an opportunity to exchange with so many researchers. The next ENDE will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

Group photo

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