【Open to All】UCL-Tohoku University Joint Symposium, Wednesday 16. June 2021

【Open to All】UCL-Tohoku University Joint Symposium
Reinventing International University Education and the Role of Globally Engaged Universities: Dialogues between UK and Japan

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Our speakers will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing international student experience and how the pandemic is changing the global engagement among leading universities.

The symposium is organised in the framework of the Strategic Partnership between UCL and Tohoku University (Japan). It represents the first opportunity to showcase ongoing joint research on higher education. Particularly, the symposium addresses themes related to leadership, crisis management and global engagement during the Covid 19 pandemic. The first part will focus on the experiences of students in UK, Europe and Japan; the second part will elaborate on the long-term implications of Covid 19 for the governance of universities.

Open to All Availability, Cost Free.

International Strategy Office, Tohoku University
Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES), Institute of Education, University College London (IOE-UCL)
Site of this event at CHES

◆Wednesday 16. June 2021 18:00-20:20 (JST/Japan) /10:00-12:20 (GMT/UK)

◆Language: English/ Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)

Chairs: Claire Callender (UCL), Kazuko Suematsu (Tohoku University)
Opening Remarks: Akiyoshi Yonezawa (Tohoku University)

How is Covid-19 pandemic changing international student experiences at the universities?
Changing International Experience of University Students in the UK and Europe: Rachel Brooks (University of Surrey)
Changing International Experience of University Students in Japan and East Asia: Yukiko Shimmi & Akiyoshi Yonezawa (Tohoku University)

How is the pandemic changing the global engagement among leading universities?
The Role of Universities in Promoting Sustainability as a Shared World Challenge: Liu Jing (Tohoku University) & Tristan McCowan (UCL)
World Leading Universities and Global Engagement under/post Pandemic: Tatiana Fumasoli (UCL)

Panel discussion

Discussants: Fujio Ohmori (Tohoku University), Victoria Showunmi (UCL)
Closing remarks:
Tatiana Fumasoli, UCL Institute of Education


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