Tohoku University Alumnus, Bambang Wibawarta Receives Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation

On August 4, Tohoku University Alumnus, Bambang Wibawarta, receive the 2022 Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation.

Bambang Wibawarta is a professor at the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Humanities. He earned his doctorate from Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Arts and Letters in 1992.

He is gaining attention as a renowned scholar of Japanese culture in Indonesia as a result of his exceptional efforts in translating books by Mori Ogai and Ryunosuke Akutagawa into Indonesian.

The goal of this award is to recognize individuals and organizations that have made particularly excellent contributions to developing congenial relations between Japan and other countries through their efforts in various aspects of international relations, and to encourage the general public to better appreciate and support such efforts.


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