Call for Students: APRU Global Health Case Competition 2020


The APRU Global Health Program aims to leverage the global health education and research of Asia-Pacific universities to address global health issues through interaction with public policy and media. Since its launch in 2007, the program has covered a significant range of topics including emerging public health threats, ageing and chronic diseases, infectious diseases and health security issues.
As one of activities of the program, the third Global Health Case Competition for students of member universities will be held as detailed below.


Students enrolled at Tohoku University as of May 1, 2020. Students of all disciplines at all stages are welcome, including undergraduate and graduate students. Postdoctoral students and medical residents/interns are not eligible. Individuals holding faculty appointments also do not qualify.

Each team must be comprised of currently enrolled university students (as of May 2020). Students of all disciplines and stages in their training are welcome including undergraduate, graduate and medical students.


Case competitions are increasing popular around the world as a way for students to exercise critical thinking skills using a “real world” challenge. For this international competition, teams will receive a challenge relating to a pressing global health problem. Teams are given four weeks to prepare a 10-minute video in English proposing a realistic, well-designed, innovative solution to the challenge. Teams will save their videos on YouTube or Vimeo and submit the link via email for judging by an international panel of APRU Global Health Program members and other global expert judges.

Three videos will be chosen by an international panel of judges for the final round, which will be held at the APRU GH Annual Conference in Shanghai from Oct 18-21, 2020. Conference participants will be asked to vote on the videos.

Faculties at Tohoku University will provide mentoring to registered team(s).
Student teams who are selected to participate in the final round may be eligible for travel scholarships to travel to the workshop. Tohoku University will also provide financial support to a participants who will participate in the final round.

For details of this year’s case competition, please visit APRU’s website.


*The schedule is subject to change in response to the COVID-19 out break.

  • March 27: Deadline for internal registration
  • April 1: Announcement to registrants from GED at Tohoku University
  • April 2: Case challenge sent out via email at 11:59am Pacific Time
  • May 19: Final Video submissions for internal competition (Only if there are more than 5 teams from Tohoku University)
  • May 21: Deadline for universities to register teams (teams registering after March 21 will still only have until May 28th to submit their videos)
  • May 28: Final video submissions to APRU due by 11:59pm Pacific Time
  • July 1: Three finalist teams are announced via email
  • September: Orientation for finalists who will participate in the Final competition held at the APRU GH annual workshop
  • October 18: Final competition is held at the APRU GH annual workshop
Register Now

You can register as an individual or as a team.
After the deadline for internal registrations on March 27, the GED at Tohoku University will organize team(s) based on the registrations.
Please notice that there is a possibility that registered teams may be reorganized depending on the number of registrants.

The first case competition in 2016

The first case competition held in 2016 was a great success with finalists and the winning team showcasing their video at the annual Global Health Conference at UNSW Australia. Addressing the challenge “Preparing Pacific Rim Countries for Natural Disasters,” a student team from Tohoku University showed a realistic, well-designed and innovative solution which showed use of gamification for disaster education in Indonesia and won second prize.

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