Executive Vice President Ueki attends the LERU Social Sciences and Humanities Research Meeting

On November 20th and 21st, 2014, EVP Ueki attended the LERU Social Sciences and Humanities Research Meeting held at Leiden University, the Netherlands.

The meeting was attended by approximately fifty university presidents, executive vice presidents, vice-presidents and researchers from member institutions of seven international university consortia:

•LERU*(League of European Research Universities)

•AEARU(Association of East Asian Research Universities)

•RU11, Japan(Research University 11)

•AAU(Association of American Universities)

•Go8(Group of Eight)

•Russell Group(a group of 24 leading universities from the U.K.)

•U15 Canada(Group of 15 Canadian Research Universities)

Attending as the representative of AEARU, EVP Ueki introduced the network, and also served as the chairperson of the round table discussion

At the end of the meeting, representatives from the seven consortia signed the Leiden Statement, which pledges to restate and champion the fundamental role that the social sciences and humanities play in the new global community, and call for an expanded role for the social sciences and humanities in tackling problems through interdisciplinary research.


*LERU (The League of European Research Universities) The League of European Research Universities (LERU) is a consortium of some of the most renowned research universities in Europe. Founded in 2002, as a partnership of 12 leading multi-faculty research universities, it expanded its membership to 21 universities in 2010. LERU’s members are based in ten European countries.

Members: University of Amsterdam, Universitat de Barcelona, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, University of Freiburg, Universite de Geneve, Universitat Heidelberg, University of Helsinki, Universiteit Leiden, KU Leuven, Imperial College London, University College London, Lund University, University of Milan, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, University of Oxford, Pierre & Marie Curie University, Universite Paris-Sud, University of Strasbourg, Utrecht University, University of Zurich