Conclusion of a General Agreement for Academic Cooperation with Michigan State University

On September 25th, 2015, Michigan State University Executive Vice President Satish Udpa visited President Susumu Satomi and Executive Vice President Toshiya Ueki, and also concluded an General Agreement for Academic Cooperation with Tohoku University. At the signing ceremony, Michigan State University College of Engineering Professor Lalita Upda was also in attendance, as were Tohoku University’s Associate Executive Vice President Masahiro Yamaguchi, Director Shigeru Obayashi, Deputy Director Toshiyuki Takagi and Associate Professor Tstsuya Uchimoto of the Institute of Fluid Science, Vice Dean in Education Hiroo Yugami and Associate Professor Noritaka Yusa of the School of Engineering.

Prior to signing the agreement, the attendees discussed what can be done to encourage student exchange, and heard opinions on the cutting-edge research that the guests viewed during their tour of the Institute of Fluid Science and the School of Engineering.

Located in East Lansing, Michigan, Michigan State University is a famous institution with 19 departments. With the conclusion of this agreement, student exchanges from our Electrical and Mechanical Engineering majors are now possible.

We have great expectations for further Engineering student and research exchanges in the future.