Renewal of academic exchange agreement with Wuhan University of Technology (China)

On May 4th, 2016, Tohoku University President Susumu Satomi visited President Zhang Qingjie at Wuhan University of Technology in China in order to attend the signing ceremony to renew the academic exchange agreement between the two universities. This renewal was the third since the agreement was first concluded in 2001.

Wuhan University of Technology is particularly strong in the field of Materials Science and Engineering, and as such this field is designed as one of national importance, with many important federal research laboratories focused at the university. They have also founded the WUT-Harvard joint Nano Key Laboratory, further showing their strong interest carrying out research in this field.

At the signing ceremony, President Zhang gave an address, saying “Researchers and students who study at Tohoku University contribute a great deal to our research achievement and internationalization upon their return to Wuhan University of Technology. I hope to continue and deepen our exchanges, with study at Tohoku University as one of their goals.”

Following the ceremony, President Satomi greeted approximately 20 Tohoku University alumni who studied at Wuhan University of Technology、where he heard about the current activities of the alumni association, and some of their fond memories of studying at Wuhan University of Technology.