Projects Supported by the 2024 Tohoku University-University College London Matching Fund

In 2024, Tohoku University and University College London (UCL) will support six collaborative research projects through their matching fund.

The matching fund was established by UCL and Tohoku University following the conclusion of an agreement between the two universities to promote and encourage joint research. The first call for projects to be supported by the fund was made in June 2019.

There were 12 applications for funding in the 6th round. Following a joint review carried out by the two universities, the following 6 interdisciplinary joint research projects have been approved.

The fund will provide financial support to the 6 projects for up to one academic year beginning in April 2024.

Research Areas UCL Lead Tohoku University Lead Project
EDI/DEI, Education Professor

Lynn Ang

(Institute of Education (IOE))



( Institute for Excellence in Higher Education)

Responding to the institutional challenge of delivering research excellence within an inclusive, diverse and equitable research culture in higher education.
Brain Science, Neuroscience, Disaster Science, Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Psychiatry,

Population Health


Sven Bestmann

(Brain Sciences)


TOMITA, Hiroaki

(Department of Psychiatry, Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization (ToMMo))

A joint UCL, Tohoku University and ToMMo symposium and workshop
Disaster Science, Education Professor

Joanna Faure Walker

(Maths & Physical Sciences)

Associate Prof.


( International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS) )

Initiation of Double PhD Programme between UCL and Tohuku University in

Disaster Science

Sense of Smell, Health and Social Care, Computer Science, Electrical Communication Professor

Marianna Obrist

(Engineering Sciences)


KITAMURA Yoshifumi

(Research Institute of Electrical Communication)

A Cross-Cultural Dialogue on the Potential of the Sense of Smell for Health

and Wellbeing

Language Education, Neuroscience Professor

Kazuya Saito

(Institute of Education (IOE))


SUGIURA, Motoaki

(Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer)

Sustaining Multilingual Children’ Well-Being Through AI-Based Brain and Language Training: A Pathway to Academic and Business Expansion
Disaster Science, Citizen Science, Gender and Disasters, Culture and Disasters Associate Professor

Punam Yadav

(Maths & Physical Sciences)

Assistant Professor


(International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS) )

Significance of Women’s Leadership for DRR: a case of Northern Japan post 2011 Tsunami


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