Tohoku University-Tsinghua University Joint Research Fund Adopted Projects for FY2023 Commence Activities

Tohoku University and Tsinghua University started supporting five collaborative research projects through their collaborative research fund.

The collaborative research fund was established by Tsinghua University and Tohoku University following the conclusion of an agreement between the two universities to promote and encourage joint research. The first call for projects to be supported by the fund was made in January 2019.

There were 7 applications for funding in this fourth round. Following a joint review carried out by the two universities, the following 5 joint research projects were approved. All of the approved projects are related to one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The fund provides financial support for the five projects for two academic years beginning from May 26, 2023.



Tohoku University PI Tsinghua University PI


Materials Science Prof. Tadashi Furuhara

(Institute for Materials Research)

Assoc. Prof. Hao Chen

(School of Materials Science and Engineering)

Alloying element segregation and interphase precipitation in nanoprecipitates-strengthened automotive steels
Materials Science, Energy and Environmental Technology Prof. Tatsuya Kawada

(Graduate School of Environmental Studies)

Prof. Min Fang Han

(Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Center)

Performance and stability of metal/oxide-based electrodes for solid oxide cell
Material Science

Data Science, Energy, Physical Chemistry

Assoc. Prof. Hao Li

(Advanced Institute for Materials Research)

Assoc. Prof. Liang Zhang

(School of Vehicle and Mobility)

Searching for Low-Cost and Stable Transition Metal X-ide Materials for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Generation and Utilization
Sustainable Technology for Municipal Ecology Prof. Yu-You Li

(Graduate School of


Prof. Rui-Ping Liu

(School of Environment)

Anaerobic-based key technologies of resources and energy recovery towards the construction

of low-carbon, green, and sustainable urban environmental infrastructure

Education, Sustainability Assoc. Prof. Jing Liu

(Graduate School of Education)

Assoc. Prof. Zhou Zhong

(Institute of Education)

Constructing Curriculum and Framework for Teaching and Learning Sustainability Competence in the Asia-Pacific Region

(Affiliations were those at the time of application)



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