[Call for Participation]GP-RSS Workshop “Japan-UK Research Collaboration in Climate Change”

GP-RSS Workshop:  “Japan-UK Research Collaboration in Climate Change”

Date & Time : 19th May 2023, 10:30-12:15 (Japan Time)
Location: IRIDeS 1F Meeting Room, Tohoku University
1. Opening remarks: Professor Nakaya (GP-RSS Chairperson)
2. A brief explanation of RENKEI (5 min): Professor Komori
3. Introduction and report on joint research activities (20 min):
Ms Paola Fontanella (GSES student, UNU-EHS)
“Densho-Adapt: Participatory methods for local knowledge embeddedness in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation practices: experiences from Tadami UNESCO Biosphere Reserve”
4. Introduction of Research (20 min each):
Dr Helen (Newcastle University)
“Living with water, living on water: Researching lived experiences of water in/security and in/equality of service provision in the UK”
Mr Jorge (PhD student at Osaka University/ Alumni of Tohoku Univ.)
“Phytoremediation of selenium using duckweed towards a circular economy model”
Professor Sebastien Boret (IRIDeS Tohoku University)
“Studying and supporting vulnerable groups in post-disaster society: Bereaved families, Lost Communities, and Disability”
5. Q-and-A session and General Discussion (15 minutes)

For more information on RENKEI: