Original Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom are available!

1. Special virtual backgrounds

Followings are the special virtual backgrounds especially for those who registered for the “Alumni Online Talk Session.”

Tohoku University Administration Building 1@Katahira Campus (Download↗)







Current Kawauchi Campus (Download↗)







Lecture Room C200@Kawauchi Campus (Download↗)







School of Engineering CENTER HALL@Aobayama Campus    (Download↗)







Aobayama Campus New Extension (Download↗)







Old Kawauchi Campus 1 (Download↗)







Old Kawauchi Campus 2 (Download↗)







Old Kawauchi Campus 3 (Download↗)







Old Amamiya Campus  (Download↗)







2. Tohoku University original virtual background

You can also get some other campus-themed virtual backgrounds from the following URL. Just press the blue button to access the images. (Terms and conditions apply.)

URL: https://www.bureau.tohoku.ac.jp/koho/book/notice.html 






3. How to use the Zoom functions.(PDF↗