Facilities in the laboratory on 4th floor

In this page, we introduce our laboratory.
There are staff room and working and experimental spaces.

Professor's office


Professor Gao's office.
Students discuss their researches with professor.

Research associate and technician's working space


Technician Mito's space.

Student's working space


Students usually work at their own desks.

Tea break corner


Staff and students enjoy a chat with drinking tea.



Temperature of this room is kept stationary.
Temperature-sensitive experiments are carried out in this room.

Diamond turning machine (ULC-100A Toshiba Machine Ltd).

Micro-structured surface can be fabricated precisely by this machine.


We can make electric circuits for the research at this space.

Main facilities for research


  • Impedance analyzer

  • Optical spectrum analyzer

  • Dynamic signal analyzer

  • Function generator

  • Multimeter

  • Microscope

  • Laser interferometer

  • Capacitance sensor

  • Ultra precision laser displacement sensor

  • Optical fiber displacement sensor

  • Autocollimator

  • Laser Doppler Vibrometer

  • Beam scanner

  • Gauss meter

  • Low noise preamplifier

  • FFT analyzer

  • Air spindle

  • Air slide

  • PZT stage

  • Data recorder

  • Digital oscilloscope

  • Pooler

  • Constant temperature dryer

  • High precision thermometer

In addition, the following facilities are installed on the 1st floor.



In this room, there are machines to manufacture parts of experimental setup. Students in the laboratory can use these machines.