Available equipments at constant temperature and humidity room

(1st floor of Research Building, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

You can see overviews of the equipments by clicking each topic.

  • Scanning Probe Microscope SPA300 / SPI3700(SII Nanotechnology Inc.)
  • 3D Profile Measuring Microscope VK-9500 GII(Keyence Corporation)
  • SPM Caliber(Veeco Instruments Inc.)
  • (Under maintenance)Low Vacuum SEM JSM-6460LV(JEOL Ltd.)
  • Surface Profiler NewView100(Zygo Corporation)
  • Fizeau interferometer GPI XP(Zygo Corporation)
  • (Under maintenance)Surface Profilers(AMETEK Co.,Ltd)
  • (Under maintenance) On-machine measurement instrument
    / Ultra-Precision Aspheric Turing Machine (Toshiba Machine Co.,Ltd)
  • Please contact following address if you wmat to use above equipments.

    6-6-01, Aramaki Aza Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miygi, 980-8579, JAPAN 
    Research Building 423 (4th floor)
    Research Center for Precision Nanosystems Department of Nanomechanics
    Nano-Metrology and Control Laboratory (Gao & Shimizu Laboratory)
    TEL:+81-22-795- 6950 (AP : Yuki Shimizu)