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International Undergraduate Program in Chemistry ADVANCED MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY COURSE

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Nanotechnology has attracted wide attentions and a variety of approaches have been proposed. Among them, combination of well developed Si technology and the organic molecule is one of the most promising candidates for the realization of the new concept devices. For the realization of that goal, we have to control the dynamic behavior of the molecules on the surface in addition ot the search of new molecules with intriguing functions. These dynamic processes include the rotation of the molecule, chemical reaction of molecules, and hybridization with the substrate atoms. Scanning tunneling microscope (STM) is expected to be the most powerful tool for such researches. STM is not a simple microscope to give atomic resolution but is a tool to manipulate an isolated molecule like an atomic scale tweezers. Our study on the molecule dynamics using this tweezers includes single molecule reaction though the excitation of internal vibrational modes, and measuring vibrational spectroscopy of a single molecule by the analysis of tunneling electrons. In addition we are going to attack the environmental chemistry by the use of molecular beam technique combined with infrared spectroscopy (IR). Molecular beam technique can change the parameters of the coming molecules such as energy and incident angle and idealistic tool to investigate the initial stage of the surface reaction. We are studying the chemistry of water (ice) surface, which plays an important role in the atmospheric chemistry.

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