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International Undergraduate Program in Chemistry ADVANCED MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY COURSE

SCHOLARSHIPS & SUPPORT for international students



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Tohoku University Fellowships

Tohoku University offers a special financial aid package, the President Fellowship for International Undergraduate Students, to cover entrance and tuition fees. Excellent students may be separately awarded a living expenses stipend. Click on the below topics for details.

President Fellowship

President Fellowship for International Undergraduate Students

This unique scholarship system is offered to outstanding international students who are expected to enroll at this University. About 10 of the undergraduates accepted by the AMC course will be awarded the President Fellowship, which provides a scholarship sufficient to cover entrance and tuition fees. The maximum duration of the scholarship is four years.

Table: Presidential Fellowship for International Undergraduate Students
Scholarship Award President Fellowship
Entrance Fee
Scholarship award equal to Entrance Fee
x 2
Scholarship award equal to tuition fee.Not required to pay.
x 2
Scholarship award equal to tuition fee
x 2
x 2
JASSO Scholarships
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Student Support


Tohoku University offers a one-stop service for international students, including pre-enrollment support and career support before and after graduation. International students can receive assistance with submitting applications, applying for scholarships, applying for visas, foreign resident registration, joining the national health insurance scheme, applying for dormitory accommodation or renting an apartment, etc.

In addition to support from university organizations, voluntary support courtesy of Japanese students at Tohoku University and local residents is also offered to international students. Tohoku University is continually improving the systems and structures that enable international students to concentrate on their studies in a comfortable environment while becoming part of a welcoming community.

Tutor System

The Tutor System is designed to help international students to adapt smoothly so they can make the most of their time at the University. Japanese students are appointed to support newly arrived international students in their daily life, study and introduce Japanese culture, history, language and customs to them. The duration of tutoring is two years starting from the time of admission.

Japanese Language

To improve the Japanese language and academic skills of our international students, Tohoku University provides free Japanese language classes. These classes are designed to support international students in their daily life in Japan and will help them to participate in non-English courses, understand Japanese texts, and take part in extra-curricular activities, while also contributing to their career development and employability


AMC students are given preferential access to the University House Aobayama for their first two years. The dorm provides international students daily exchange with Japanese students. University House Aobayama rooms are furnished with desks and beds. You must pay the dormitory fee (approximately JPY 36,000/month) and a deposit (JPY 30,000). You will also be charged for utilities such as water and gas each month.
Those who wish to live in private apartments can receive assistance with searching for accommodation in a safe and convenient environment throughout the year. Rent costs about JPY 30,000~60,000/month. You will also have to pay 1~3 months of rent as key money/deposit.

Career & Employment

The university undertakes a range of activities to help international students find employment in Japan. Many leading companies have a high regard for students graduating from Tohoku University.

Volunteer Groups

The Center for International Exchange organizes a pick-up service and other helpful services for newcomers, such as assistance with opening bank accounts and registering at the local government office. These services are carried out by a volunteer support group of Tohoku University Japanese students called @home, a local Sendai community group called Group Mori, and the Tohoku University Foreign Students Association (TUFSA). The Center provides a room where these groups regularly meet with international students for cultural exchanges, Japanese conversation and to help them settle into life on the campus and in Sendai.

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