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International Undergraduate Program in Chemistry ADVANCED MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY COURSE


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Welcome to the website of the Advanced Molecular Chemistry (AMC) course at Tohoku University. The AMC course is the fruit of collaboration between the Department of Chemistry and two research institutes (Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials and Institute for Materials Research). As one of the leading Chemistry Departments in Japan, we offer high quality education in English where students work in close contact with our faculty members. By collaborating with internationally recognized research institutes, we are able to offer our students a diverse range of well-funded research programs and opportunities to use world-class research equipment. The graduates of this course will be expected to work as professional chemists in Japan as well as in other countries. I invite you to explore the webpages of our faculty members to learn more about our research offerings and teaching program. We hope that the AMC will be your choice to obtain professional knowledge and skills required for your future success in knowledge-based societies.

Department of Chemistry

Comment by AMC Course Representative

Professor Hiroshi Kumigashira (IMRAM)

Professor Hiroshi Kumigashira (IMRAM)

The advanced molecular chemistry (AMC) course at Tohoku University is an international undergraduate course started in 2011. The curriculum is well structured for learning fundamental and applied chemistry and is based on the rich experience of the university’s Department of Chemistry, which is one of the oldest and most famous chemistry departments in Japan. The AMC course accepts less than 10 students, and those selected can interact with professors and staff during lectures, problem-solving classes, laboratory classes, and course recreation events. Highly motivated students can attend research seminars held in a professor’s research group to experience the state-of-the-art world of chemistry research. Tohoku University is one of the largest and oldest universities in Japan with three campuses in Sendai. These campuses are connected to a metro line and provide easy access to the downtown area, where several city festivals are held. We encourage aspiring students who want to study chemistry in an ideal academic atmosphere and cultural environment to apply to the AMC course.

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