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International Undergraduate Program in Chemistry ADVANCED MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY COURSE

Student Life

Life in Sendai

Sendai is a city situated about 300km of Tokyo on the Pacific coast of Honshu island with population about one million. Living in Sendai, students can experience the beauty of the four seasons, with beaches, ski resorts, and many onsen (hot springs) nearby. Sendai has a moderate climate characterized by mild winters with little snow and not too hot summers.
Throughout the year, the Sendai area offers a broad variety of cultural and sports events bringing opportunities to experience diverse aspects of Japanese culture.

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Sendai City

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Living Cost

Students living in private apartments will need 80,000 yen/month or more for living expenses, such as food, housing and textbooks. Students should not plan to support themselves through part-time employments, as students must focus on their studies.

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Campus Life

Besides gaining an excellent education, students have ample opportunities to interact with each other. Currently, there are over 1500 international students studying at Tohoku University and over 2000 in Sendai, making it possible to learn about several cultures while experiencing Japanese culture. Through the more than 60 athletic and cultural clubs, students will have opportunities to form long-lasting friendships during their stay at Tohoku University. In addition, newly enrolled international students are provided "tutors", recruited from the Tohoku University student body, to advise them on their studies and daily lives and assist them adjust to their new environment as quickly as possible. In addition, special assigned staff from the AMC course office provides assistance relating to student life both on and off campus.

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