The summer vacation children’s science campus event has ended successfully!

On August 3 (Thu.) and 4 (Fri.), the summer vacation children’s science campus event for 16 science-loving sixth graders in Sendai City at the Center for Creative Engineering was held. Under the title of “Let’s Play with Various Electricities (from Lightning to Heart Electricity),” the students made a one-yen coin fly to the ceiling using an impulse generator circuit and a self-made coil, and used myoelectric signals to move a model and a drone. The participating students, all of whom are science and craft enthusiasts, seemed interested in the project, and all were able to complete the set tasks. After the training, the students came to visit our laboratory. Ryota Suzuki, Youcheng Pu, Haruka Akiyama, and Yui Adachi provided guidance to the students and handled the demonstrations. We appreciate their cooperation.