Murakami lab. Tohoku University

Solar and Terrestrial Systems and Energy Sciences Process Engineering for Resources Utilization,
Department of Frontier Science for Advanced Environment,
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University

Contribute to environmental issues with innovative steel manufacturing technology

We focus on realizing carbon neutral and highly effective use of ore resources on the pyrometallurgical process such as ironmaking, recycle process of non-ferrous materials, nickel smelting, and so on. Basic researches on the ironmaking are by hydrogen reduction and carbon recycling processes because these processes do not emit CO2. We also conduct research on manufacturing technology for porous metals, the development of their applications, and the development of self-healing materials.


Ironmaking, carbon neutral, self-healing materials, ore resources, environment, low energy, hydrogen, Carbon recycling


  • 2023/4/3

    A new Murakami laboratory has been established. We welcomed 6 fourth year students, 3 staff members and 12 students, all of whom had fun and actively engaged in research activities.

  • 2023/6/12-16

    METEC & 6th ESTAD (European Steel Technology and Application Days) was held in Germany.

  • 2023/08/22

    We held a farewell party for the fourth-year students taking the graduate school entrance exams, eating katsudon and eating katsudon together.

  • 2023/09/07-10

    We held a summer training camp for our laboratory. The weather was not bad, we had no accidents or injuries, and we had a great time enjoying Muroran.


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