Archaeological Research office on the Campus, Tohoku University

 On the campus of Tohoku University, a lot of archaeological sites are known. Among them, Sendai Castle which was founded by Masamune DATE (the first daimyo of Sendai-han, a feudal clan) in the beginning of the 17th century, is the most famous and largest one. Almost all of the south part of Kawauchi campus is located on its secondary citadel area. Aobayama campus includes archaeological sites of Jomon period, a lot of potteries and stone implements were found. This area has been used for
a long time during Jomon period.
 In Japan, if existing circumstances need to be changed in the known site area, excavation research on the buried cultural properties must be carried out.
 According to the legal procedure, the Commission for Reasearch, which was organized in 1983, had carried out many salvage excavations for 11 years. And it was reorganized into Archaeological Research Center on the Campus in 1994 to improve conditions of research. In 2006, it was reorganized into Archaeological Research office on the Campus, Tohoku University.
 This Office mainly carries out salvage excavations of archaeological sites on the campus, analyzes those records and remains and oublishes excavation reports. Conservation and exhibition of archaeological heritage, studies about structure of sites, artifacts, techniques of excavation and preservation are also important duties.

 Report of The Archaeological Research on The Campus of Tohoku University(1985-2010)
 Annual report (2010-)
 Research reports in archaeology on the campus of Tohoku University(2011-)

 Repository of Archaeological Reports Here
  Atushi FUJISAWA, (Tohoku University Museum, Archaeology)

  Tomonori KANNO