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International Undergraduate Program in Chemistry ADVANCED MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY COURSE

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Research Area
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Overview of Research

We are studying on solid-state physical chemistry based on metal complexes or coordination compounds, in which our goal is directed to control synergistically electronic and magnetic properties/behavior on molecular frameworks and finally to create new soft molecular materials with unique phenomena. The techniques of crystal engineering or molecular self-assembling with metal complexes enables us to create diverse molecular frameworks and supramolecular architectures. Of course, many of metal complexes have such traits as high redox activity, high charge-transfer activity between metal ion and ligands, and paramagnetism with a large anisotropy controllable by ligand-fields around metal ion chosen. We will be able to tune these characteristics and design “functional” and “dynamical” molecular frameworks as if they were simply constructed by Lego blocks. “Molecules” including metal complexes have the high design performance and flexibility in their type diversity, so it is our new challenge to manipulate on-demand electrons/spins on multi-dimensional frameworks constructed by metal complexes.

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