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International Undergraduate Program in Chemistry ADVANCED MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY COURSE

Student Voice

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Piangrawee Santivongskul THAILAND
Piangrawee Santivongskul

“By joining the AMC program, I have GAINED knowledge, experiences and happiness”

Piangrawee Santivongskul Piangrawee Santivongskul

I've been interested in Chemistry since I was a high school student. Learning Chemistry has made me want to learn it more. Therefore, I've decided to be a researcher as I hope I can explore deeper into the Chemistry world. To fulfill my dream, I've chosen the Advance Molecular Chemistry (AMC) course of Tohoku University. What I obtained from this program until now have included not only the proper education for a university student but also an opportunity to develop my experimental skills, which is necessary for my future career. Tohoku University always sees the importance of research, and so, even before joining any laboratory, I could do internships in many laboratories, which are furnished with great quality equipment.
Studying here, I have to live far away from my hometown, and thus, I've learned to become stronger and more mature. Moreover, joining AMC granted me a lot of international friends, including Japanese friends from extracurricular activities. I've joined a street dance circle, which gave me a number of priceless memories. Meeting people from several countries made me understand more about the differences in cultures among the world, and I believe that it is important for becoming a part of this nearly-borderless world. By joining the AMC program, I have gained knowledge, experiences and happiness.

Piangrawee Santivongskul
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