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International Undergraduate Program in Chemistry ADVANCED MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY COURSE

Student Voice

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Wijak Yospanya THAILAND
Wijak Yospanya


Wijak Yospanya Wijak Yospanya

In my opinion, chemistry is a real miracle because we can do some process to change the properties of materials to what we want. For example, mixing of sodium, which is sensitively explosive metal, and chlorine, which is highly toxic gas, can make salt that is used in all kind of food around the world. That is the reason why I love to study chemistry.Tohoku University has given me a chance to study chemistry with very good support in all sides such as scholarship, laboratory facilities and classes. Because AMC is an international program, all classes are taught in English, so the language barrier, especially some advanced language such as scientific terms, is not a problem anymore. Moreover, a chance to have some experience in laboratories in early years help us get use to work and improve our skills in science experiment. I have learned a lot from here. Thus, I still believe that I have made the best decision for myself coming here and this whole experience will help me in my future career as a chemistry researcher.

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