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  • 2024.05.19

    Prof. Nishi received the Best Presentation Award at the 2023 Autumn Meeting of the Japan Society for Design Engineering./西助教が(公社)日本設計工学会2023年度秋季大会研究発表講演会優秀発表賞を受賞しました.

  • 2024.05.15

    Published/論文掲載:  Zarazúa-Villalobos, et al.  Wear resistance of spark plasma sintered Fe-based BMG reinforced with Al2O3, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids.

  • 2024.03.27

    Our research was introduced on “Jonetsu Labo”, Miyagi news every., Miyagi Television Broadcasting  (March 26, 2024)./山口・西研の研究がミヤギテレビ ミヤギnews every.「情熱Labo」で紹介されました(2024年3月26日).

  • 2024.03.27

    Ms. Chiharu Yoshihara (B3) received Hatakeyama Award, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers./B3の吉原千晴さんが日本機械学会畠山賞を受賞しました.

  • 2024.03.25

    Mr. Shoma Kobayashi (M1) received the Dean’s Award of School of Engineering, Tohoku University./M1の小林祥真さんが東北大学工学部長賞を受賞しました.

  • 2024.02.20

    Published/論文掲載:  Nishi et al. High Friction of Paper Wipers in Partially Wet Conditions: Effect of Three-dimensional Nonuniform Wetting, Tribology International [Open Access]

  • 2024.02.18

    Published/論文掲載:  Lau et al.  Machine learning prediction of footwear slip resistance on glycerol-contaminated surfaces: A pilot study, Applied Ergonomics [Open Access]

  • 2024.01.31

    Published/論文掲載: Yamagata et al.  Comparison of sensitivity among dynamic balancemeasures during walking with different tasks, Royal Society Open Science [Open Access]

  • 2024.01.29

    Mr. Souta Suzuki received the Division Student Outstanding Lecture Award at JSME Symposium : Sports engineering and Human Dynamics 2023 (SHD2023)./M2の鈴木颯太さんが,日本機械学会スポーツ工学・ヒューマンダイナミクス部門主催シンポジウム:スポーツ工学・ヒューマンダイナミクス2023で行った

  • 2023.12.22

    Published/論文掲載: Ishizako et al.  High Friction of Rubber Caused by Negative Fluid Pressure under Glycerol Lubrication, Tribology International [Open Access]

  • 2023.12.14

    Prof. Nishi delivered an invited lecture at the Tribology Research Sectional Meeting of the Society of Rubber Science and Industry, Japan./西駿明助教が日本ゴム協会トライボロジー研究分科会 において招待講演を行いました.

  • 2023.12.14

    We gave five invited lectures at “The 14th Tribodynamics Research Meeting” held by The Japanese Society of Tribologists./日本トライボロジー学会「第14回トライボダイナミクス研究会」にて、5件の招待講演を行いました.

  • 2023.12.05

    Prof. Yamaguchi appeared on NHK BS “Kyu-jien” (broadcasted on December 4, 2023) and explained about the friction between a rosin bag and a finger./山口健 教授がNHK BS「球辞苑」(2023年12月4日放送)に出演し,ジンバッグと指の摩擦について解説しました.

  • 2023.11.12

    Three oral presentations were made at the JSME Symposium : Sports engineering and Human Dynamics 2023 (SHD2023). /日本機械学会 シンポジウム:スポーツ工学・ヒューマンダイナミクス2023(SHD2023)にて3件の口頭発表を行いました.

  • 2023.11.07

    Mr. Shoma Kobayashi received the Best Poster Award for his poster presentation at the 13th Tribology Autumn School of the Japanese Society of Tribologists./M1の小林君が日本トライボロジー学会 第13回トライボロジー秋の学校で優秀ポスター賞を受賞しました.

  • 2023.11.07

    Published/論文掲載: Yamaguchi, et al.  Prediction of Three-Directional Ground Reaction Forces during Walking Using a Shoe Sole Sensor System and Machine Learning, Sensors [Open Access]

  • 2023.10.31

    Published/論文掲載:  Nishi et al. Influences of Wettability and Geometry on Adhesion Force between Sportswear Fabric and Human/artificial Skin. Tribology Online[Open Access]

  • 2023.10.02

    At International Tribology Confernece Fukuoka 2023 (ITC Fukuoka 2023), we made 1 invited talk (Yamaguchi), 2 oral presentations (Nishi, Ishizuma) and 2 poster presentations (Ueno, Matsumoto). /International Tribology Confernece Fukuoka 2023 (ITC Fukuoka 2023)にて1件の招待講演(山口),2件の口頭発表(西,石﨏),2件のポスター発表(上野,松本)を行いました.

  • 2023.09.24

    Two oral presentations were made at the 2023 Autumn Meeting of the Japan Society for Design Engineering. /(公社)日本設計工学会2023年度秋季大会研究発表講演会にて2件の口頭発表を行いました.

  • 2023.08.20

    The web article about the broadcast introduced on NHK “Ohayo Nippon” is now available./NHK「おはよう日本」内「サイカル研究室」で紹介された研究に関するWEB記事が配信されました.